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Blockchain Training Services

Cryptographic systems such as Blockchain come with a slew of novel jargon and advanced technical concepts, often intimidating to newcomers, which must be thoroughly understood to be integrated effectively into projects. For organizations seeking to comprehend and master this new class of technologies, Blockchain Zoo offers professional Blockchain education programs, delivered to your staff by proven experts in the field.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Ensuring the successful and timely execution of a Blockchain-based project may require more than staff training. Blockchain Zoo’s expert Associates may be contracted as consultants, allowing your organization to leverage their specialized knowledge and skills to overcome the unique and counterintuitive challenges presented by cryptographic systems.

Project Management Services

More than just a directory of experts, the backbone of Blockchain Zoo is an advanced Blockchain-based project management system. This system organizes the flow of task delegation and payment between trusted associates with the required skills. These interdependent transactions are fully transparent and decentralized, and directed by the Associates themselves. As a client, you will also have access to this powerful system for monitoring and reporting on the progress of your project. At Blockchain Zoo, we understand – from our own experience – that blockchain technology can revolutionize the way you do business.

Why risk money or security tripping over the subtle nuances of cryptographic systems yourself? Powered by this curated network of Blockchain experts and technical professionals, Blockchain Zoo takes on even the most multifaceted enterprise-class projects, delivering effective results that keep your organization on-time and on-budget.

Blockchain Zoo Associates

Are you a Blockchain guru or professional in a related field? Blockchain Zoo welcomes industry-tested Associates to expand its collective expertise and project bandwidth.

After verifying their skills, new Associates are supervised for a short time by “trusted” Associates, after which they are also granted “trusted” status, allowing them to participate in Blockchain Zoo projects with full autonomy. Reputation scores (based on client and Associate reviews) are maintained for all Blockchain Zoo Associates within the system.

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