OJK Event

Blockchain Zoo – OJK, performance management training for financial institutions, with Indonesian regional development banks

Today, every single business and industry is quickly moving forward towards further digital transformation. While it is good to have digitized business and industries, the risks and threats of cybercrime are also growing significantly along with the growth of technologies, especially in financial and banking industries.

Answering these needs, Blockchain Zoo offers Blockchain technology as an answer to the banking solution for Indonesian Regional Development Bank ( BPD or Bank Pembangunan Daerah). Training topics include the enormous potential of Blockchain, banking solutions with undeniable value on the Blockchain, the importance of technological agnosticity when solutioning with Blockchain, and interbank collaboration models using a Blockchain as its backbone.

The training was held on 22 November in Jakarta and 14 December 2017 in Makassar. We thank Pak Roberto Akyuwen (OJK), Pak Valentino (Asbanda), Pak Adhi (Koperasi Syariah), and all of the event participants — i



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