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Blockchain Zoo Turns Wheel of Industrial and Financial Transformation in Indonesia Through Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has become a hot topic in Indonesia, as it has worldwide. As a technology, Blockchain’s potential actually far exceeds the popularity of Bitcoin. Blockchain is a decentralized and encrypted distributed ledger system. With the usage of Blockchain, parties with competing interests can work together as equals. Blockchain is an ideal choice to allow different parties to work together within a shared system.

Recognizing that, Mr Roberto Akyuwen, the Senior Executive Analyst at DKB IV-OJK, is exploring  the possible, promising outcomes of Blockchain applied towards the Bank of Regional Development and People’s Credit Bank. Roberto Akyuwen said “To be able to compete with big banks, it is imperative for local banks to embrace new and revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain.”

Mr. Fithri Hadi, Director of Digital Finance Innovation Group OJK added that Blockchain technology is needed to add more value and also to reduce costs for financial institutions. Blockchain is believed to be capable of improving service level agreements without disturbing the existing core banking systems.

Answering these challenges, Blockchain Zoo as a Blockchain-based IT consultant company is committed not only to provide Blockchain-based services but also contribute to grow the Blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia, and enable the country to be a pioneer and leader in Blockchain technology.



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