Blockchain Zoo

Code The Future Camp

On March 3-5 2018, Blockchain Zoo and the World Blockchain Foundation held an event called ‘Code The Future Camp’.

This event’s main topics focused on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and internet of things. At this event, each participant was allowed to present their projects and also be invited to brainstorm with other experts that were present at ‘Code The Future Camp’.

The event was held at Blockchain Zoo headquarters in Ubud, Bali. It aimed to set the course of technological advancement and how those technologies can be implemented and give solutions for the benefit of the world.

The event itself was attended by technology companies in the areas of blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence including: Elastos, SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd., Indorse, Bitark, GCOX, Bitark, World Blockchain Foundation and Blockchain Zoo.

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