Proof of Work

Proof of Work is Dead

Is the crypto you’re currently HODLing based on Proof Of Work? If yes, you might want to know some potential attack vectors (based on true stories!) and the reason why PoW, after all these years, might not be the solution after all.

PoW is the Steam Engine of decentralization, and it’s about time to look forward and see what alternatives are there – efficient and rewarding ones.

Join us for a polite and informed discussion on the Proof of Work and other potential algorithms, hosted by Roberto Capodieci, Barton Johnston and Stephano Griggio, our blockchain specialists and co-founders. They are going to present their arguments on why they think Proof of Work is not the best consensus algorithm for non-financial use cases. We all are eager to hear your perspectives on this heated topic, so come and join our BlockTalk event!

If you’re not in Ubud, you can watch the event live on YouTube and join the live chat discussion.

Link to the livecast:


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