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Introducing Monetary Transaction Blockchain Technology

President of PT Mikro Mandiri Sejahtera Suwandi, Director Stevie Soukotta, First Commissioner I Dewa Gde Suthopa and Senior Analyst of Deputy Banking Commissioner IV OJK Roberto Akyuwen, listened to the explanation by Blockchain Zoo Co-Founder Jean-Daniel Gauthier and Roberto Capodieci, in the midst of workshop in Jakarta, Wednesday (28/3). Photo: dok. Mikro

The Workshop was titled “Discovery Workshop Blockchain for Executives” and attendees came from the monetary/banking circles. Photo: do. Mikro

PT Mikro Mandiri Sejahtera is collaborating with Blockchain Zoo, holding a workshop about monetary transaction technology and how to make it more efficient, titled “Discovery Workshop Blockchain for Executives” for the circle of banking practitioners. Photo: dok. Mikro


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