Barton Johnston

Barton Johnston

Barton has extensive programming experience and released his first flash game in 2005. As well as programming, he has 7 years of professional software engineering experience across four diverse industries: media research, home security systems, video hosting and GPS fleet tracking. Barton has maintained applications in ActionScript (Flash), Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and C++, from homemade mobile games to custom eyegaze-tracking software to distributed processing of vehicle updates in telematics and many other areas. In 2017 he began to focus his considerable programming and software engineering knowledge onto Blockchain technology and the myriad of underlying technical considerations, including the structures of various types of decentralized consensus protocols, merits of various hashing and asymmetric encryption algorithms, and naturally investigation of several new blockchain and crypto technologies such as Maid Safe, IOTA and NXT, including the development of a proprietary Blockchain Explorer application for customized NXT-style chains.

“I have a great enthusiasm for explaining advanced technical concepts to others, and over the years I have developed a great deal of skill in working one-on-one or in groups to transmit the clarity of the understanding I possess into the minds of others. I love other humans and have a great deal of patience in making sure the full content of a relevant idea has been grasped so that the learner can act confidently on a solid foundation of accurate information.” – Barton Johnston

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