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Jean-Daniel Gauthier


Jean-Daniel started working in IT at age 15, and since then have explored the industry from the bottom-up, gathering a comprehensive technical and business related experience. Working as a business analyst, in R&D, and in solutions engineering, Jean-Daniel has been inspired to continue to research viable applications for current and nascent technologies, and translate user requirements into developer-friendly documentation (LAMP and MEAN stacks, NRS crypto-platform, Bitcoin blockchain). Jean-Daniel is an avid observer of the video game industry, and has worked as a web architect in this field. Major career milestones include releasing the first legal, DRM music download website in Indonesia, as well as co-founding two award-winning blockchain-based startups which developed successful proofs of concept for major international trade finance and banking stakeholders. Jean-Daniel has a passion for describing complex ideas in easily understandable ways, through presentation, interaction, and application of concepts. As a trainer, he aims to transform new information into applicable concepts, and empower individuals and companies to stay up to date, future proof, and sustainable.

“I approach everything digital with an emphasis on enjoyability, usability and smooth user experience.” — Jean-Daniel Gauthier

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