We’re on a mission to bring advancements in the blockchain technology, and the ZooBC Alpha release is the first of several steps that are ahead of us. Follow our journey and help us build the radically new blockchain technology!

Blockchain Zoo is fully invested in the implementation of ZooBC. Beside accounting, human resources, secretarial services, security guards, bartender (yes we have an in office cafe!), and janitor, below you can see an intro of each person directly involved in the implementation and promotion of ZooBC. Learn more about the core architects of the project, true visionaries and source of all the concepts behind ZooBC. Discover the advisor board of ZooBC, costantly growing. Then chat with the developers that are implementing the first version of ZooBC. Those dedicated to the core node software, those that are implementing the block explorer server application, and those that work on the web and mobile wallets, browser plugins, and integrations tools for the ZooBC platform. Last, but surely very important, meet the marketing and communication team, taking care of bringing the name of BLockchain Zoo and ZooBC around the world!

If you feel you can help us, contact the person that more fits the profile you would be helping, and introduce yourself!

Core Architects


Core team

Explorer team

Wallet team